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PT. KARSAMUDIKA ANDALAN UTAMA was established in 1998 in Jakarta as our Head Office and Surabaya as the Representative Office. The enterprise initially trades in broad range of mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation. We always provide the excellent services and customer satisfaction for our valueable customers.


Become a leading distributor of industrial equipment with the leading innovation of product technology.


  1. To achieve the standard quality service with the best quality for customer andprofessional satisfication.
  2. Selling high quality products and services with the best price.
  3. Making PT. KARSAMUDIKA ANDALAN UTAMA always be the main partner for customer since the high quality products and services who always related to "10 corporate cultures"
  4. Improving benefit and company's value for:
    • stakeholder
    • staff and their family
    • shareholders


  1. Commitment
  2. Self belonging
  3. Integrity
  4. Lead
  5. Communication
  6. Success
  7. Team work
  8. System
  9. Consistent
  10. Cheerful

Professional and customer satisfaction — Our motto

What We Do

As market demand grew in sophistication, we had provide a wider range of services and industrial equipment parts. As a results the company began to increase its products and services by providing a complete range of stocks, offering a perfect design system, free consultation, service and repair. Our products business ranges including :air flow, gas and particles, temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, pressure, etc.

Why Choose Us

With its knowledge and experiences throughout the years, we have a strong alliance with industrial, supplier and buyers including local and private government . It translated into its vision as a commitment to meet its customers demands in product quality, service and price competitiveness. We promise to provide timely support and rapid service on all Karsamudika products. Our professional staff have the answer to your question. Call us and we will inform you about the fastest delivery time and give you best solutions.