Promo Refrigeration

  04 July 2017  |    Admin

Test your refrigeration system with our refrigeration package - Digital Manifold Testo 550 and Digital Vacuum Gauge Testo 552.
Get them both with special discount up to 15%!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Promo valid from July until September 2017
2. This promo can not be used in conjunction with any other promotions

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Promo Trade In

  04 July 2017  |    Admin

Trade your current device with Testo poducts on our special promo!

Term and Conditions:
1. Non Testo brand in every conditions are accepted
2. Product that Read More

Gathering Testo Distribution Channel

  19 April 2017  |    Admin

PT. Karsamudika Andalan Utama telah sukses mengadakan Gathering Testo Distribution Channel untuk para supplier pada tanggal 18 April 2017 di Menara Top Food, Alam Sutra, Tangerang Selatan.

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Visit our Gatahering-Testo Distribution Channel

  24 March 2017  |    Admin

Now, we're open an opportunities for you to be our TESTO Agent.

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