Seminar Energy Efficiency and Air Pollution Control

Seminar Energy Efficiency and Air Pollution Control

  30 April 2015  

On April, 29th 2015, PT Karsamudika Andalan Utama held a seminar about "Energy Efficiency and Air Pollution Control". This Seminar located in Hotel Shangri-La and was attended by 51 factory.

Our speaker is Mrs. Anjarwati S.Si, MEnv,Adv,Hns from Environmental Board of East Java. The seminar started from 9 AM to 3 PM and very communicative. We discussed about how to improve energy efficiency and what was the connection about energy efficiency and air emissions. The participant actively gave questions about tools and how to improve energy efficiency. As one of tools which could improve efficiency, Testo flue gas analyser had participant`s attention. PT Karsamudika Andalan Utama is going to actively participated in events about industry`s efficiency to help the industry`s needs.