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The ideal instrument for measuring velocity, temperature, humidity, gas detector, etc

Heating Technology

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Gas and Particles

Testo 330i - Flue Gas Analyzer

Testo 330i flue gas analyzer: Overcome all the obstacles when servicing and commissioning heating systems
Gas and Particles

Testo 330-2 LL - Flue Gas Analyzer

Testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer: The professional heating gas analyzer
Gas and Particles

Testo 320 - Flue Gas Analyzer

The testo 320 flue gas analyzer is a trusty and reliable companion for all those people who specialise in installing, inspecting and servicing heating systems.
Gas and Particles

Testo 330-1 LL - Flue Gas Analyzer

Testo 330-1 LL flue gas analyzer with long-life gas sensors; BLUETOOTH and with H2-compensated CO-sensor, incl. rech. battery and calibration protocol; with graphic display
Gas and Particles

Testo 310 - Flue gas analyzer

Accurate readings, rugged design, easy-to-use: That’s what you as a professional want from a measurement tool so that you can carry out quick and reliable checks on heating systems. And that’s exactly what you get with the testo 310 flue gas analyzer.