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Set Testo 805 - Infrared Thermometer

Handy infrared thermometer from Testo for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures:

Testo 810 - Infrared Thermometer

The testo 810 infrared thermometer allows the simultaneous measurement of the air temperature and surface temperature of the object being measured - without contact.

Testo 845 - Infrared Thermometer

Measuring surface temperatures precisely with really small diameters at short and long distances?

Testo 845 - Humidity/Temperature Infrared Thermometer

The testo 845 humidity/thermometer infrared enables non-contact measurement of the temperatures of a really wide range of surfaces and equipped with integrated humidity module

Testo 835-T2 - Infrared Thermometer

The testo 835 T2 infrared thermometer reveals just what it’s made of long after other infrared thermometers have given up.

Testo 835-T1 - Infrared Thermometer

Get started in the field of intelligent infrared measuring technology.

Testo 830-T4 - Infrared Thermometer

The testo 830-T4 infrared thermometer also achieves accurate results at greater distances during non-contact surface temperature measurement.

Testo 830-T2 - Infrared Thermometer

The testo 830-T2 infrared thermometer enables you to carry out efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements.

Testo 830-T1 - Infrared Thermometer

The testo 830-T1 infrared thermometer allows efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements to be carried out.

Set testo 831 and 106 - Infrared Thermometer and Immersion Temperature

Economic set for infrared and core temperature measurement

Testo 831 - Infrared Thermometer

The testo 831 infrared thermometer allows you to carry out quick and precise temperature measurements of whole pallets of food and smaller products from a distance.

Testo 835 H1 - Humidity and Infrared Thermometer

Testo 835-H1 humidity/temperature infrared: measures temperature, humidity, dew point and surface moisture easily

Testo 104-IR - Food safety thermometer

The testo 104-IR infrared probe thermometer allows you to carry out quick and reliable temperature and food safety checks in the course of your busy working day.

Testo 826-T4 - Penetration infrared thermometer

During food controls in Incoming Goods, you regularly check the temperature of your goods.

Testo 826-T2 - Infrared thermometer

Temperature checks are mandatory for ensuring the quality of foodstuffs in Incoming Goods and in food production.