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Lascar Voltage and Current Data Logger

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Lascar Voltage and Current Data Logger measures and stores up to 127,000 AC or DC current readings. This logger must be used with an appropriate current clamp to take readings over a 0 to 1000 A DC measurement range (0 to 723 A for AC). In "energy monitoring" mode, this data is converted into power, energy (using a user defined voltage value) and cost (using a user supplied energy unit cost). The milivolt measurement mode allows for direct measurement of voltage.

Product benefits:

  • Energy calculate mode to calculate power, cumulative energy and cumulative cost)
  • Compatible with AC and DC current clamps
  • AC and DC milivolt measurement mode


General Technical Data

Measuring parameter

AC and DC Millivolt with current clamp input

Logging rate

Between 10 seconds to 12 hours (selectable)

Battery type

2 AA batteries

Battery life

4 months


1 year


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New Product

Lascar Voltage Data Logger with USB

Voltage data logger
New Product

Lascar Current Data Logger with USB

Current data logger with USB


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