Testo 550 - Digital manifold

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The testo 550 digital manifold can now make working on refrigeration systems and heat pumps even easier: the instrument can be used for 60 refrigerants, calculates superheating/subcooling automatically and can now also be connected to a practical smartphone/tablet app. The app makes the operation and the documentation of measurement results significantly more convenient.

Product benefits:

Highly precise measurement

increased pressure range up to 60 bar

Stored refrigerants up to 60 common refrigerants


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General Technical Data


12 months

Battery life

250 h (without illumination, without Bluetooth®)

Refrigerants in instrument

R408A; R152A; R161; R1234yf; R502; R14; R407D; R123; R600a; R438A; R401A; R422A; R421A; R412A; R744 (CO₂); R23; R413A; R125; Ra11A; R407A; R407C; R600; R402A; R227; R422C; R427A; R406A; R422B; R424A; R13B1; R414B; R404A; R409A; R507; R422D; R401C; R12; R32; R11; R421B; R508A; R410A; R420A; 60 profiles:; R503; R417A; R22; R718 (H₂O); R125; R290; R508B; R407F; R416A; R134a; R437A; R1234ze; update via App; R426A; R402B; R407B; R401B; R142B; R434A


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