Calibration and Validation

Calibration: increased precision and reliability

Calibration involves comparing the reading of an instrument being calibrated with that of a reference instrument, under specific conditions. Other important aspects of calibration include documenting the deviation recorded, calculating the resulting measurement uncertainty and creating the calibration certificate recording this uncertainty.

The calibration of measuring instruments is therefore an essential part of quality assurance, contributing to the prevention of rejects, reworking, or claims for compensation. Our group, PT. Karsamudika Industrial Kalibrasi, has certified with Komite Akreditasi Nasional with accreditation number LK-283-IDN since September 2019.


Validation: reliably on target

During validation, the result of a particular procedure, process or method is verified as being exactly reproducible under certain, defined conditions. We offer validations for the following areas:

• Transport validation (e.g. refrigeration systems and length of transportation)

• Computer and software validation

• Process validation (especially for product life cycles)

• Cleaning validation (for cleaning procedures, e.g. for medicine production)


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